Host an In-Person or Online Paint Party


With the holiday season coming, everyone loves to entertain family and friends – the joy of greeting guests as they arrive; the camaraderie of being with each other regardless of how long it’s been since you’ve been together; the chit-chat regarding everyone’s lives, family and mutual friends; and, of course, the food and beverages being shared. Our wonderful paint & sip kits allow you to do this in person or VIRTUALLY!


Memories of family holidays and traditions abound during this special season! We remember past holiday gatherings by honoring past traditions while creating new ones. We're here to help you make new traditions with enjoyable new memorable get-togethers!

Choose from our extensive variety of wonderful paintings! Each kit comes complete with all of the items needed for the chosen painting and an engaging online video. We can also personalize each kit by adding any items that would like for us to include from YOU (holiday or birthday cards, snacks, etc).  

We have special pricing for groups of 10 or more (please email us below for details).  

Delivery is as easy as you want it to be. We can either ship all of the kits to you for distribution OR we can ship all of the kits from here to friends/family.  


Paint Party Kits are a perfect addition to your entertaining for a “Night In” with family and friends! The options for hosting a painting party are limitless:

Imagine an evening around the dining room table with family and friends, a few nice bottles of wine, cheese and crackers, lots of fun – and a beautiful acrylic painting to display at the end. Better yet, add a few people virtually to round out the group.


Imagine a daytime treat with family and friends while your children are at school: a nice cup of coffee, a delicious pastry, lots of fun – and a lovely watercolor painting to display at the end.


Imagine a Saturday afternoon with family during the holiday season enjoying cups of hot cocoa, with a fire in the fireplace, sculpting or painting Christmas ornaments


The choice is all yours!  

Enjoy your time with family and friends in the comfort of your own home….and



How to Host an in-person or Virtual Painting Party at Home and Make it a Success! 

  1. Plan Ahead!  Create a Facebook event and invite your friends to RSVP. (Or you can use your telephone to call up some old friends!) Choose your favorite canvas design and share it on your event page so everyone can get excited about what you are going to work on. Re-assure them that it's going to be unbelievably easy. Get an RSVP so you know how many painting kits to order.
  2. Don't forget your food! Will you be doing hors d'oeuvres and wine? Or do you want to potluck food? You know your group! Do what sounds like the most fun.
  3. On the day of the event, you might want to cover your floor with a drop cloth so your guests don't worry about spilling paint. Stage the painting kits so that each guest can see the TV instructor and prepare to have a memorable night that you will talk about for years!


What does your family do during get-togethers for fun? Puzzles? Bake?  

Add Paintly Fun’s Progressive “Patchwork Painting” as your new family tradition - do it in person or virtually!

Choose and purchase kits for at least everyone who will be present (you can get a few extra). Use the code "PATCHWORK" to buy 3 painting kits & get 1 painting kit for FREE!

Each person paints their painting for 15 minutes – at that point, they pause the video, close the paint cups, and clean the brushes in water. Over the day(s), everyone flip-flops to other paintings – turning on the video and painting for another 15 minutes.  

Have FUN TOGETHER & MAKE MEMORIES with family members of all ages!

Each painting will be a patchwork of the people who have painted it - a true FAMILY HEIRLOOM! When finished, you will have multiple FAMILY paintings to display, share, and reminisce!