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Fingerpainting Is Cool Again!

Paintly Fun's fingerpainting kits are a big hit!

Many of us remember fingerpainting when we were kids -- or we still do it with our children or grandchildren.  

We have taken fingerpainting to a new level with our Fingerpainting Kits! With our wonderful fingerpainting kits, you will laugh and feel like a kid again while creating a stunning painting to share with the world!

Delight in bringing your picture to life with a cup of coffee OR host a paint party with friends/family in person or virtually. 

Paint your day special!!

Spring is Coming!

Perfect For Your Paintly Fun TOTE BAG

Bring your favorite Paint and Sip Kit Picture with you!

Now you can paint your favorite painting on our canvas tote bags.

Our tote bag painting kits include all of our high quality supplies and our easy-to-follow online instructional video.

Our multipurpose heavy canvas tote bags are made to carry a heavy load with its reinforced stress points. They are machine washable. At 15"W x 16" H, this tote bag is the perfect size to carry your books, beach items, and other fun things.

Enjoy the same Paintly Fun Experience as you have with our paint and sip kit canvases!

Host A Paint Party, in person or virtually,
to start your fall off right!

Children's Kits Are Here!

Paintly Fun has heard YOU!


Each children's paint kit includes child-sized brushes and a canvas pad (in place of the adult-sized brushes and canvas).

These kits are ideal for children 7-10 years old.  These kits are perfect for birthday parties, gifts, or family fun night!

The Children's Paint Kits are available in the "Family Kits" collection.